Update: The Return of Tilde.Club

Shortly following the publishing of “What are ‘Tildes’ and How You Can Use ‘Tilde Computing’”, an announcement was made regarding tilde.club:

Then on September 16, 2019, I got an email from info@tilde.club which read:

You at some point have requested access to tilde.club. https://twitter.com/ftrain/status/1172545886968324098

I am Michael. I go by the name “deepend” in most places including on tildes/IRC. I run another tilde called YourTilde.com which I created because I really liked the tilde experience and thought I could try my hand at it.

The reason for this email is to let you know if you are looking to have an account the waiting list comes first. (that’s you!)

So here is what I need from you:
I need you to fill out the sign-up form and we will get you setup: https://tilde.club/signup/

Once I have created your account you will receive a welcome email from tilde.club within a few days letting you know that the account was created.

I do understand some of you have waited since 2014 for an account, which all involved do regret. But it is a new time and we all at tilde.club hope you join us on our new journey moving forward.

Please respond within 1 week to ensure we can re-open registrations to the general public in a timely manner.

Registrations have since re-opened, and anyone can now sign up for the original tilde!

If you don’t know what tildes are, or want more information, please see “What are ‘Tildes’ and How You Can Use ‘Tilde Computing’” — an article I’ve written about Tildes and the Tildeverse.